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Assan Ag Midal

Assan Ag Midal, the craftsman who transforms waste into furniture in Niamey

Assan Ag Midal is a Nigerien entrepreneur with a master's degree in political science who quit his job to devote himself entirely to craftsmanship. This 43-year-old father recycles pallets and tires to create home furniture. It is while going to buy furniture with his wife, that the latter had the idea to embark on the craft industry. Tired of seeing furniture that he considers fragile, expensive and imported, he decides to harvest ...

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Rivières Bleues

Blue rivers in Africa? Blame it on fast-fashion

A rising star in global textile production and a victim of fast-fashion, Africa is on an upward slope, boosted by trade agreements, targeted aid programs and labor available at very low cost. According to an article recently published on the L'UNION website and according to a study by the NGO Water Witness International (WWI), Africa is at the heart of global textile production and this has a negative impact on the footprint. water due to the ...

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SECONDLIFE - Miss Niger 2021 Niamey

Miss Niger 2nd edition: final on December 11, 2021

The Miss Niger Committee (COMINI) and its partners hosted a press conference on the Miss Niger 2nd Edition election in the early evening on August 2 at the Hotel Bravia. It was in the presence of the Deputy Secretary General of the Ministry of Culture, Tourism and Handicrafts, Mr. Ibrahim Mahamane, the Promoter DJOBALA PRODUCTION and the winners of the 1st edition, held in 2020. This year the competition is taking place. opens September 11 and ends December 11. It will bring together the ...

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Afreximbank Et Le Portugal - SECONDLIFE - Vêtements & Accessoires D'occasion - Superwax

Partnership between Afreximbank and Portugal in favor of fashion and the textile industry

Afreximbank and Portugal: According to an article recently published on the COMMODAFRICA website, the African Import-Export Bank (Afreximbank) and the Portuguese National Association of Young Entrepreneurs (Associação Nacional de Jovens Empresários - ANJE) have sealed a partnership of three years. This partnership aims to support and promote the manufacture of clothing and fashion textiles in Africa as well as the textile industry in Portugal and throughout Europe. This project is part of the Creative Africa Nexus (Canex) program ...

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Pathé’O SECONDLIFE - Vêtements & Accessoires D'occasion - Mandela

Pathé'O, neighborhood tailor turned chef's couturier

Nelson Mandela wore his shirts: a small self-taught neighborhood tailor at the start, the Ivoiro-Burkinabè Pathé'O has become the couturier of African heads of state and is celebrating the fiftieth anniversary of his brand, leading the "fight" to gain recognition fashion on the continent. "50 years ago, I never imagined it would come to this. It's extraordinary!", Pathé Ouedraogo (Pathé'O) declared a few days ago during a press conference in a large hotel in Abidjan. . According to AFP and the newspaper ...

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