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Kids fashion

SECONDLIFE - mode vêtements enfants children fashion niamey

Comfort at any age

Children grow up incredibly fast - barely bought, the shirt has the sleeves too short and the skirt is too tight. They must already be replaced!
Children's fashion must be practical, but also appeal to children and teenagers. This is why at SECONDLIFE you will find quality second-hand clothes for your children at low prices in all shapes and colors.

Children's fashion with which we can discover the world
Children's curiosity is immense and they have only one desire: to discover the world! Children's fashion must adapt to this daily life and therefore be very resistant. Sturdy jeans and comfortable leggings will provide great freedom of movement.
While children's clothing should be practical in everyday life, it can be dressed up with slightly more elegant outfits for special occasions. In the SECONDLIFE store, you will find festive fashion at low and very attractive prices. Dressed in a tulle dress or shirt with a vest, your little angel will simply look adorable.

Trendy fashion for older children
Older children very often want to decide for themselves what to wear. At this age, it is no longer the practical aspect that takes precedence but the aesthetic side. Bet on bright colors and sophisticated cuts to make sure the clothes will appeal to children. Ruffled skirt, colorful shirt, printed pants or cool sweater - your daughter or son is sure to find their favorite new look among our low cost clothes.

How to choose children's clothing?
When shopping for new outfits for your kids, there are a few things to consider.

  • Children's skin is particularly sensitive: opt for natural materials such as cotton instead of artificial fibers.
  • Children spend their days playing outside, which is why clothes have to be very durable. Choose materials that are easy to maintain.
    For special occasions, you can still opt for finer materials, since these clothes will not be washed as frequently.
  • Make sure the clothes are comfortable. Clothing that is too tight may interfere with your child's freedom of movement. If you have a choice of two sizes, always go for the larger one.

Children's fashion at SECONDLIFE
With SECONDLIFE, find the whole universe of clothing for babies and children, for boys and girls. With our weekly arrivals, we offer the latest trends in children's fashion. Choose from T-shirts, pants, jeans, jackets, shoes and accessories.

In department stores, the atmosphere is often noisy and hectic. SECONDLIFE offers shops on a human scale, you can make all your purchases of children's clothing in peace. Whether you are looking for fashion for children or teenagers: you will inevitably find your happiness in our ranges from 0 to 16 years old with bright colors!

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