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SECONDLIFE - Vêtements & Accessoires D'occasion - La 13e édition Du FIMA

The 13th edition of FIMA will take place in Niamey in December 2021 according to Promoter Alphadi

Niamey - The promoter of the 13th edition of FIMA ( International African Fashion Festival), the Nigerian stylist Alphadi, announced his outfit in Niamey from 1er until December 05, 2021.

It was at the end of an audience with the Head of the Nigerien Government Ouhoumoudou Mahamadou, that Seidnaly Sidahmed alias Alphadi formalized the date of the 13th edition of FIMA. It will be from 1er to December 5, 2021 in Niamey. It must be said that the Nigerien authorities are strongly involved alongside the famous designer for the promotion of African Fashion. They support it in particular in the construction of the First Higher School of Fashion and the Arts in Niger.

"I came to meet the Prime Minister to congratulate him first on his appointment, and I am preparing the construction of the first Higher School of Fashion and the Arts in Niger for which the laying of the 1st stone was made by Brigi Rafini last November, ”said Alphadi when he left the hearing.

The one nicknamed the “Prince of the Desert” is delighted with the realization of this project: this school is a pan-African school which must take Africa far and it is also a reference school where young people can absolutely study to understand art and at the same time to fight against poverty ", did he declare.

"The fight we are leading with the government is to give a dimension so that Niger can benefit from this festival which has gone to several countries but which still remains Nigeriens" concluded the promoter of FIMA.

Alphadi's dream associated with his positive vision of Africa will make it possible, thanks to the meetings organized such as the conferences on the fight against AIDS and on the creation of a school of fashion in Niger and spontaneous meetings during the various FIMA events, to build a much more fabulous reality for the continent.

Sources: / ANP Niger

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