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SECONDLIFE - Miss Niger 2021 Niamey

Miss Niger 2nd edition: final on December 11, 2021

The Miss Niger Committee (COMINI) and its partners hosted a press conference on the Miss Niger 2nd Edition election in the early evening on August 2 at the Hotel Bravia.

It was in the presence of the Deputy Secretary General of the Ministry of Culture, Tourism and Handicrafts, Mr. Ibrahim Mahamane, the Promoter DJOBALA PRODUCTION and the winners of the 1st edition, held in 2020.

This year the competition opens on September 11 and ends on December 11. It will bring together candidates from the eight (8) regions of the country.

The theme chosen for this annual meeting of the beauty of Nigerian women is: "Violent Extremism" to recall the situation of insecurity that prevails in the country.

This year the choice of candidates will be made on the basis of more rigorous criteria including, among others, the level of education, knowledge and / or professional skills, hence the importance of the slogan "Beyond beauty".

According to the explanations of Mr. Sanogo Mohamed, Communication Manager of COMINI, the 2021 Edition of MISS NIGER highlights the professionalism of the Miss candidates and the winners will eventually represent Niger internationally.

On the menu of gifts for the future Miss Niger 2021, in addition to trophies, plane tickets and the envelope, the organizers mentioned a car with participations in the competitions of Miss ECOWAS, Miss WORLD and Miss UNIVERSE. A hike that will certainly allow the future Miss Niger to better promote Nigerien culture.

The dates: Miss Niger 2nd Edition election

Secondlife - Miss Niger 2021 date des fj ales

Dates Miss Niger 2nd Edition

Finally, the Miss Niger Committee took advantage of this meeting with the press to launch an appeal to the population, in particular to parents to let their daughters participate in this competition which aims to promote Nigerien women.

You can follow the news of the Miss Niger 2021 Beauty Contest on the (official) Facebook page here.

Call for applications is now open, Follow this link to register.

Source: Site Miss Niger

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