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Blue rivers in Africa? Blame it on fast-fashion

A rising star in global textile production and a victim of fast-fashion, Africa is on an upward slope, boosted by trade agreements, targeted aid programs and labor available at very low cost.

According to an article recently published on the L'UNION website and according to a study by the NGO Water Witness International (WWI), Africa is at the heart of global textile production and this has a negative impact on the hydric footprint due to the fast-fashion industry on the continent.

A textile industry with devastating pollution

The Water Witness International report entitled " What fast-fashion water footprint? »Reveals that the production of clothing for large-scale retail brands in Europe, the United Kingdom and the United States causes devastating pollution of African rivers through the discharge of untreated wastewater and lack of application of environmental rules, reports the NGO Water Witness International (WWI).

The textile industry, a source of employment on the continent

This report highlights the positive effects of fashion sourcing in Africa, where it can provide jobs and boost exports.

While this report does not plead for the end of textile production in Africa, it fights for a more ethical textile industry on the continent, based on a sustainable use of resources, decent working conditions and committed to social justice.

The textile and clothing industry has grown rapidly in recent years. It has contributed to the industrial transformation of Africa and created millions of jobs on the continent. The textile and clothing industry has great potential for added value and job creation. It is estimated that over 600 % of value can be created along the cotton value chain in Africa: from cotton production, spinning and twisting into yarn, to weaving and knitting into fabric, then to dyeing, printing and designing. In addition, this industry is made up of a majority of micro, small and medium-sized enterprises, which can quickly generate decent jobs - qualified or not - especially for young people and women.

Source: The union and WWI


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